The Course


    Whether you’re planning a trip to Thailand, interested in Thai culture, or simply want to expand your language skills, our course is designed to equip you with the essentials of the Thai language. With a focus on basic sentence structure, practical communication, and interactive learning, you’ll soon find yourself confidently engaging in conversations and navigating daily interactions in Thai.
    Why you should study Thai language with AUA
Interactive Learning: engage in dynamic and interactive sessions led by experienced instructors who are native Thai speakers. Our communicative approach emphasizes speaking and listening skills from day one, ensuring you can actively participate in real-life situations.
    Essential Vocabulary and Phrases: learn essential vocabulary and phrases for everyday situations such as greetings, shopping, dining out, asking for directions, and more. Through immersive activities and role-playing exercises, you’ll quickly master the language you need to navigate daily life in Thailand.
      Small Class Sizes: benefit from personalized attention and guidance in our small class sizes. With a focus on individual progress, our instructors provide tailored feedback and support to help you achieve your language learning goals.

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