The Course

THE AUA THAI LANGUAGE COURSEThe AUA Thai Language courses consist of beginning and intermediate levels as well as courses of a specialized nature-individual instruction. The course is recommended for those with a serious interest in learning to understand, speak, read and write Thai properly. Classroom work is demanding and rigorous. Students are encouraged to devote one to two additional private hours per day to the study of the language.Our group classes are taught by experienced native-speaking Thai instructors. The classes are kept small (size ranges from 8 to 12) to allow the maximum participation. English is used in the texts and in the class by the teacher when necessary but fluency in English is not a requirement.In class, students practice by speaking the language in a controlled setting. As a student you will be expected to actively participate in the learning process-interaction not only between teacher and student but between fellow students. Words and grammar patterns are presented for understanding and repeated to ensure proper pronunciation and tone habits. Dialogs are also practiced to increase fluency. BEGINNING SPOKEN THAIOur beginning spoken course is divided into 2 books, AUA Thai Course Book 1 and Book 2. The emphasis at this level is on SPOKEN Thai with the objective being to assist the learner in acquiring a good foundation for further fluency. Special stress is placed upon control of the sound system and good tone manipulation and production, while using and recognizing the basic vocabulary and sentence patterns of the language. THE INTERMEDIATE COURSESOur intermediate course continues to develop fluency in the spoken and written language. Small Talk (AUA Thai Course Book A) provides ways for students to start and sustain conversations and chat in various social situations. Book 3 offers more complex patterns of Thai language, while Book 4 focuses on discussion on various topics. Basic Reading and Writing introduces the writing system and emphasizes tone and spelling rules, and provides practice in the mechanics of reading and writing. Reading and Writing More introduces students to reading for meaning, and writing at the sentence level and short paragraph. SPECIAL INTERESTCourses to meet the special language needs of groups or individuals, like Northern Thai and Preparation for Pratom 6 (Basic Literacy Level) Exam, can be organized with sufficient notice.

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