Individual Class

Individual Instruction Class times and days are made upon the student and teacher’s availability, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday for the on-site class. For the off-site class, the tuition fee is possibly higher, depending on the distance of the place. The minimum of 25 hours of study is suggested. 1 ? 4 students can study on an individual basis. Students who miss class without prior notice will lose the time; hours will not be made up. So, please schedule classes carefully. Note: Individual Instruction for 1 – 4 students with high intermediate level (or above) goal would be arranged for 480 baht per hour as on-site class.
Number of students On-site class Off-site class (in town only)
1- 2 students Bht.340/hour Bht.380/hour
3 students Bht.380/hour Bht.440/hour
4 students Bht.460/hour Bht.500/hour

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